4th Sept 2020

Dear member,


We have an additional agenda item for the forthcoming AGM.

The agenda item relates to a proposal to create a new role of Chairperson of the Club.  We propose to incorporate the role of Chairperson into the Rules of the Club.


What is the proposed role of the Chairperson?

The role of Club Chairman shall comprise the following:

  • Chair meetings of the Executive Committee and any general meetings of the Club in a neutral and uncommitted capacity and enable each of the relevant meetings to have a meaningful discussion;
  • Provide direction for the club by effective leadership, and act as senior club officer throughout the year, by making decisions whenever the need arises, in consultation with other club officers when appropriate;
  • Oversee strategic planning and agree short, medium and long term goals for the Club and monitor and evaluate the progress of agreed actions – both short term and strategic.
  • Ensure that succession and forward planning are integral and ongoing in the club.
  • Constitute and resource any special working committees and ensure that their activities are reported to the Executive.
  • Ensure Club Officers and others with designated roles in the Club deliver on their responsibilities.
  • Ensure that the Club structure and responsibilities are transparent and available to the membership.
  • Work in close liaison and collaboratively with the Executive Committee.
  • Act as a mediator in the event that disagreements arise within the Club.

The Club Chairman shall not be required to take on day to day management responsibility in the day to day operations of the Club


What are the benefits of the Club having a Chairperson?

The Chairperson will provide leadership to the Executive Committee and hold them accountable on a monthly basis at Executive Meetings for the management and operation of the Club. The Chairperson will help facilitate a strategic review of the Club and it’s future direction. The Chairperson will help improve the governance of the Club. The Chairperson will be in situ for a three year period and thereby be able to ensure continuity in achieving any objectives of the Club which might otherwise not be achieved with the change of President and a change in the composition of the Executive, from year to year.


Do the Executive Committee support this proposal to create the role of Chairperson?

The executive committee unanimously support the creation of the role of the chairperson as they believe that it will help increase the performance of the executive which in turn will benefit the Club.  The executive committee have given extensive consideration to the role of chairperson since the start of 2020 and has looked at this role in other clubs.


How will the Chairperson be appointed?

The Chairperson will be appointed at the Executive Committee meeting immediately following the AGM and will hold the position for a three year period unless the Chairperson is removed at a general meeting of the members or resigns


Has the Executive Committee identified a candidate?

The Executive Committee has identified Jack McEvoy as a candidate for the role of Chair and Jack McEvoy has indicated a willingness to allow his name to be considered by the newly appointed Executive Committee. Jack played rugby for Bective, sat on the Executive Committee and lead a successful business before retiring a number of years. Jack‘s experience in Bective and in business qualify him for the role of Chairperson.


What are we asking of the membership?

The Executive Committee would welcome your support for the proposal to the creation of the role of Chairperson of the Club by voting in favour of the resolution at the AGM to create the role of Chairperson.


The Rules of Club to be amended as follows:

1.  Rule 5(a) to be amended to provide for the creation of the role of the Chairperson by the adoption of the following amended Rule 5(a):

5 (a)      That the Club shall have an Executive Committee consisting of:-

(i)     The Chairperson

(ii)     The President

(ii)     Senior Vice President

(iii)    Immediate Past President

(iv)    Honorary Secretary

(v)     Honorary Treasurer

(vi)    Captain 1st XV

(vii)   Club Director

(viii)  Director of Rugby

(ix)    Director of Organisation

(x)     A Committee of six Members

all of whom hereinafter referred to collectively shall be called the Executive Committee and all of whom shall be elected at the General Meeting save and except for the Chairman, the Club Director, the Director of Rugby and the Director of Organisation who shall be appointed by the Executive Committee for a maximum period of three years.   The Executive Committee’s primary role is to meet and consider the development of the long term aspirations of the Club and to form policies relating thereto and to consider the actions of the Management and to decide thereon


2. The insertion of the following new paragraph (c) in Rule 5:

5(c)  “At the Executive Committee meeting immediately after the AGM  every third year, the Executive Committee shall elect a Chairperson of the Club who does not at the time of the election hold the position of President, Vice President, Junior Vice President, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Captain 1st XV, Club Director, Director of Rugby or Director of Organisation and who does not necessarily need to be a member of the Executive Committee so long as they are a Member of the Club and the person so elected as Chairperson, shall hold the role of Chairperson for a period of three years unless the Chairperson is removed at a general meeting of the Club of which members receive not less than 14 days’ notice or the Chairperson resigns or dies.  In the event that a Chairperson is removed or resigns or dies during his tenure as Chairperson, the Executive Committee shall elect an interim Chairperson whose appointment will last until the next board meeting following the next AGM after such resignation, removal or death.   The Chairperson of the Club shall chair all meetings of the Executive Committee and the Members and in the event that the Chairperson is unavailable to chair a meeting, the President shall chair such meeting and in the event that the President is unavailable to chair such meeting, the Executive Committee shall elect one of their number to fulfil the role of Chairperson for such meeting.  In addition to chairing meetings of the Executive Committee and the Members, the Chairperson shall be responsible for i) overseeing the Executive Committee carrying out its responsibilities and ii) for the strategic direction of the Club and iii) such other roles as the Executive Committee may reasonably from time to time require of the Chairperson and which the Chairperson is willing to take on”


If you have any questions regarding the proposal to create the role of Chairperson,  we would be delighted to answer your questions in advance of the meeting.  Please feel free to contact David O’Donnell, Junior Vice President by email dodonnell@mhc.ie or mobile 0862341330 or any other member of the Executive.


Your sincerely,


David Liddy

Honorary Secretary