24 November 2017

Dear Member,

We attach the Application Form in relation to the above and would ask you to note the following:

1. Arising from the proposal which was approved at the Annual General Meeting of 29 June 2017 – and allied to the fact that the allocation of Tickets to the Club has been reduced in accordance with the formula which is utilised by the Leinster Branch for Clubs which participate in Section 2 C of the All Ireland League – the total number of Tickets which will be available for distribution to Members will be severely limited in respect of the Home Six Nations Matches and will not include those for Premium or Categories 1 or 2.

It is anticipated that there will be an over demand, in respect of each of the 3 matches which are involved, and, in such circumstances, a draw will be held in order to determine whose application – for a maximum of 2 Tickets – is successful for a minimum of at least one of the scheduled games. Please also note that, where applicable, preference will be given to those Members who applied for Tickets for the Autumn 2017 International matches.

As the Club will only receive a limited number of Tickets for the 2 Away games it is, therefore, possible that similar action, as described above, may also have to be adopted in relation to same.

2. In the event that a Member’s application is either partially, or totally, unsuccessful an appropriate reimbursement will be made following upon completion of the final game in the series.

3. All applications must be accompanied by full payment (cheques etc. should be made payable to Bective Rangers F.C.) as, otherwise, they will not be considered.

4. Please completed this Application Form (together with full remittance) should be returned to:

Jerry Culleton
20 Gleann na Smól
Co. Dublin
A94 PV04

so as to arrive by post (hand deliveries are not acceptable) on, or before, Friday 15 December 2017.

Yours sincerely,



Jerry Culleton and Sean Parker.
Ticket Sub-Committee
N.B. An application will be automatically rejected if the Subscription for 2017/2018 is unpaid.


President:John Comer, 38 Deerpark Rd, Mount Merrion, Co. Dublin. E-Mail: john.comer62@gmail.com

Honorary Secretary:David Liddy, 7 Rosemout Court,Booterstown, Co. Dublin. E-Mail: honsec@bectiverangers.com

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